2014 Competition Results!



       …to our Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop Company dancers who successfully competed at StarQuest & Thunderstruck Dance Competitions! For many of our dancers this was their first competition. DDI faculty is very proud of them! Ms. Sarah also won Best Choreography (again)!


4 Companies competed at StarQuest, (Platinum = highest place awarded):

Sr. Elite Jazz:   Platinum, 1st place overall

Sr. Hip-Hop:   Platinum, 4thplace overall

Jr. Hip-Hop (Energetics):  High Gold, 4th overall

Jr. Elite Jazz:  High Gold & a special “Clean and Clear” award


10 Companies competed at Thunderstruck (Lightening Gold = highest place awarded):

Sr. Elite Contemporary:  “Young and Beautiful,” Lightening Gold, 1st place overall and… very special Judge’s “Eye of the Storm” award for Best Choreography in the entire competition!!! This is the 2nd year in a row that this group and Ms. Sarah have won this!!!

Sr. Elite Jazz:  Lightening Gold & 3rd Place overall

Sr. Hip-Hop:  Lightening Gold

Sr. Co. Jazz:  High Gold & 2nd Place overall

Tap 3:  Gold & 4th place overall

Sr. Hip-Hop (Rockers):  Gold, 8th place overall & Judges Choice “Funky Fresh” award

Jr. Co Hip-Hop (Energetics):  Lightening Gold & 4th place overall

Jr. Co Hip-Hop (Explosives):  Lightening Gold & 3rd place overall

Jr. Elite Jazz:  High Gold, 9th place overall & Judges Choice “Feel Good” Award

Jr. Co Jazz:  Gold & Judges Choice “Staging” award