Recreational   ~  Pre-Professional  ~  Company

Recreational Classes are best for the beginner dancer up to the advanced dancer who may be involved in other activities and cannot commit to dancing multiple times a week. All recreational classes will learn a dance and have opportunities to perform. However, performance is always optional.

Pre-Professional Classes are designed for the more serious dancer AND for Destiny Dance Institute company members. This program was established to provide students with an intense study of dance, offering an avenue for those interested in pursuing a professional career in dance. We currently offer several levels of instruction in each genre. Ballet classes are technique only. Students in the Ballet Company rehearse their repertoire on Saturdays. The Jazz, Tap and Hip-Hop companies do not rehearse their repertoire separate from class. Performing with the DDI Company is not required in order to train at this level. See chart below for the number of classes required at each level.

Destiny Dance Institute Company was established to provide young people with the highest quality in dance education by exposing them to experienced faculty, master classes with renowned teachers and choreographers, as well as a broad array of performance opportunities. Company membership is by audition only and is preparation for professional or college level companies. Company dancers must be registered in the pre-professional program at DDI. Commitment to class attendance, rehearsals and performances is required of the dancers for the entire season from August to June. For audition information or more info pertaining to DDI Company, contact us at: or (919) 453-1453.

Recreational (Rec) Classes Hip-Hop Company
Tap Company
A= Beginner                    Explosives & Energetics        2 times a week  Level 1 = Ages 7-10
B= 1-3 years experience Electrics                                     1 time a week Level 2 = Ages 9-up 
C= Intermediate/Advanced  Emoticons                                 1 time a week Level 3 = Ages 11-up Inter./Adv.   
D= Advanced Kinetics                                      1 time a week Level 4 = Ages 12-up Advanced
Pre-Professional (Pre-Pro) Ballet Classes
Level 1 = Ages 7-10                                                                                         dance 2 times a week
Level 2 = Ages 9-up                                                                                         dance 2 times a week
Level 3 = Ages 11-up Inter./Adv.                                                                   dance 3 times a week
Level 4 = Ages 12-up Inter./Adv.                                                                   dance 4 times a week
Level 5 = Ages 14-up Advanced                                                                   dance 5 times a week
Jazz Company
Levels 1 – 5                                                                                                      dance 3 times a week